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Book Chapters

Title Author
A Deleuzian Imaginary: The Films of Jean Renoir Rushton, Richard
Actual Image | Virtual Cut: Schizoanalysis and Montage Berressem, Hanjo
Affective Imagery: Screen Militarism Coleman, Felicity
Aimer/Mettre en résonance Frodon, Jean-Michel
An Ethics of Spectatorship: Love, Death and Cinema MacCormack, Patricia
An Imprint of Godzilla: Deleuze, the Action-Image and Universal History Deamer, David
Arresting the Flux of Images and Sounds: Free Indirect Discourse and the Dialectics of Political Cinema Pisters, Patricia
Asphalt Nomadism: The new desert in Arab independent cinema Marks, Laura U.
Becoming-Fluid: History, Corporeality, and the Musical Spectacle Herzog, Amy
Bim Bam Bom Bem: ’Beckett’s Peephole’ as Audio-Visual Rhizome Gardner, Colin
Bodies So Close, and Yet So Far: Seeing Julian Hernandez's El Cielo Divido through Gilles Deleuze's film theory Dapena, Gerard
Capital/Cinema Beller, Jonathan L.
Chungking Express: Time and its Displacements Tong, Janice
Cinema and the Outside Lambert, Gregg
Cinema Year Zero Flaxman, Gregory
Cinema, chronos / cronos: becoming an accomplice to the impasse of history Deamer, David
Cinemas of Minor Frenchness Marshall, Bill
Cinemasochism: Submissive Spectatorship as Unthought McCormack, Patricia
Cinmemonics versus Digitime Stewart, Garrett
Clichés vivants Aubron, Hervé
Comment j'ai raté Deleuze, qui ne m'avait pourtant pas loupé et comment Pollet m'a converti à celui-ci, qui pourtant l'avait raté Fargier, Jean-Paul
Constructing subjectivity in the absence of the father and mother Hayward, Susan
Darkness and Light Olkowski, Dorothea
De l'expérimental comme une ritournelle... Païni, Dominique
Deleuze and the Filmic Diagram Conley, Tom
Deleuze's Time, or How the Cinematic Changes Our Idea of Art Rajchman, John
Delirium cinema or machines of the invisible? Pisters, Patricia
Delirium Cinema or Machines of the Invisible? Pisters, Patricia
Deterritorialisation and Schizoanalysis in David Fincher's Fight Club Brown, William, and David H. Fleming
Digitalising Deleuze: The Curious Case of the Digital Human Assemblage, or What Can a Digital Body Do? Fleming, David H.
Disorientation, Duration and Tarkovsky Riley, Mark
Du ĉoté des noms Narboni, Jean
Escape from the Image: Deleuze's Image-Ontology Schwab, Martin
Experience - Information - Image: A Historiography of Unfolding in Arab Cinema Marks, Laura U.
Feminine Energies, or the Outside of Noir del Río, Elena
Fictions of the Imagination: Habit, Genre and the Powers of the False Herzog, Amy
Film as philosophy: a mission impossible? Mullarkey, John
Filming the times of Tangier: Nostalgia, Postcolonial Agency, and Preposterous History Pisters, Patricia
Fora do campo: o futuro dos estudos de cinema Flaxman, Gregory
Forget the Alamo: history, legend and memory in John Sayles' Lone Star Campbell, Neil
Getting Real: Chinese Documentary, Chinese Postsocialism Berry, Chris
Gilles Deleuze Mullarkey, John
Gilles Deleuze et nous Bonitzer, Pascal et André Téchiné
Having an Idea in Cinema [On the Cinema of Straub-Huillet] Deleuze, Gilles
Illusionary perception and cinema: experimental thoughts on film theory and neuroscience. Pisters, Patricia
Image or Time? The Thought of the Outside in The Time-Image (Deleuze and Blanchot) Ropars-Wuilleumier, Marie-Claire
Image-mouvement/Image-temps: une coupure? Leutrat, Jean-Louis
Immanent Images: Photography after Mobility Sutton, Damian
Immigrant Semiosis Marks, Laura U.
In Search of Lost Reality: Waltzing with Bashir Hadjioannou, Markos
Into the Breach: Between The Movement-Image and The Time-Image Restivo, Angelo
Introduction: Deleuze's World Tour of Cinema Martin-Jones, David and William Brown
Introduction: Five Theses of Actually Existing Schizoanalysis of Cinema Buchanan, Ian
Introduction: The Brain Is the Screen Flaxman, Gregory
Introduction: What Does Time Express? Rodowick, D.N.
Invisible Media Marks, Laura U.
Is a Schizoanalysis of Cinema Possible? Buchanan, Ian
L'île déserte et le peuple qui manque Brito, Vanessa
L'Image artiste Ménil, Alain
L'image moins le monde: Gilles Deleuze hanté par André Bazin Macé, Arnaud
La pensée-image/L'image-pensée Dosse, François
La réception américaine Andrew, Dudley
La table des catégories comme table de montage Sauvagnargues, Anne
Le couteau de Gilles Deleuze Béghin, Cyril
Le Monde, Temps Rodowick, D.N.
Le virtuel produit du réel: l'image-flux Buci-Glucksmann, Christine
Losing Face Flaxman, Gregory and Oxman, Elena
Mad Love Boljkovac, Nadine
Midday, Midnight: The Emergence of Cine-Thinking Alliez, Éric
Mutual Images: Reflections of Kant in Deleuze's Transcendental Cinema of Time Szaloky, Melinda
Notes to a Footnote: The Open Work According to Eco and Deleuze Kovács, András Bálint
Now you see me... Gillian Wearing's Self Made Deamer, David
Numbers and fractals: neuroaesthetics and the scientific subject Pisters, Patricia
O opsigno de Gilles Deleuze em Machuca (2004): cinema e historia apos a ditadura militar Martin-Jones, David
Of Images of Worlds: Toward a Geology of the Cinema Martin, Jean-Clet
Off Your Face: Schizoanalysis, Faciality and Film Powell, Anna
Once They Were Men, Now They're Land Crabs: Monstrous Becomings in Evolutionist Cinema White, Eric
Philosophy, Politics and Homage in Tears of the Black Tiger Sutton, Damian
Playing in a Minor Key Vidal, Belen
Pleats of Matter, Folds of the Soul Bruno, Giuliana
Pourquoi les images refusent de travailler? Fujita, Jun
Remaining Bodies; The Time-Image as Terrorist Act Stone, Rob
Schizoanalysis and the Cinema of the Brain Lambert, Gregg
Schizoanalysis and the Phenomenology of Cinema Hughes, Joe
Schizoanalysis, Spectacle and the Spaghetti Western Martin-Jones, David
Sculpting of the Time-Image: An Exploration of Tarkovsky's Film Theory From a Deleuzian Perspective McSweeney, Terence
Signs of the Time: Deleuze, Peirce, and the Documentary Image Marks, Laura U.
Signs Without Name Boljkovac, Nadine
Six Chinese Cinemas in Search of a Historiography Lim, Song Hwee
Stratégie critique, tactique pédagogique Bergala, Alain
Suspended Gestures: Schizoanalysis, Affect and the Face in Cinema Herzog, Amy
Synaptic Signals: Time Travelling Through the Brain in the Neuro-Image Pisters, Patricia
Technoscience Culture, Embodiment and Wuda pian Wong, Kin-yuen
Ten Skies, 13 Lakes, 15 Pools - Structure, Immanence and Eco-Aesthetics in The Swimmer and James Benning's Land Films Panse, Silke
The Affection-Image and the Movement-Image Chandler, James
The Brain Is the Screen: An Interview with Gilles Deleuze Deleuze, Gilles
The Daemons of Unplumbed Space: Mixing the Planes in Hellboy Powell, Anna
The face(s) of Korean horror film: towards a cinematic physiognomy of affective extremes Diffrient, David Scott
The Film Event: From Interval to Interstice Conley, Tom
The Film Event: From Interval to Interstice Conley, Tom